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Taylor Swift: A Modern Woman

Thinking of Taylor Swift as a representation of a modern woman may seem an odd thing to consider when taking in the good-girl image with her bouncy blond hair and ruby-red lips. But when we look past her visually apparent qualities and take into account the agency she exudes in her highly-publicized life, the idea doesn’t seem to be so far-fetched.

Personal Feminism

Men Explain Things To Me

Think of the thousands times you were told what a muffler was at the repair shop, despite having a very decent understanding of cars. Think of the numerous times you were told how to do things, especially in male-dominated fields like math, technology, and science, despite having more than enough knowledge and qualifications.

Deconstructing Dialogue

Reclaiming Bitch

We are extremely familiar with the word “bitch” — chances are you have either been called, called someone, or heard someone be called a bitch. I know I have experienced all three. The frequent usage of the word bitch got me thinking about its meaning and appropriateness in our daily life.