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Let’s Get Physical and Political

This is a brief breakdown on where each person stands on issues pertaining to education, healthcare, and social justice. Read on, get inspired, get angry, and make a change. Let’s show Fox News that we, as young voters, can be both flirty and aware, we can check our Tinders and cast a ballot, we can get physical and political.

Personal Feminism

Deconstructing Dialogue

Yes, Okay, Do Attribute My Perfectly Legitimate Display of Emotion to “PMS”

Having walked through the hallways of my suburban high school, I’ve experienced my fair share of hypocritical double standards and misogynist cat-calls, the highlight of which was the comeback, “Are you PMSing?” I learned to blame blissful ignorance and disregard these remarks. In my creamy naivete, I assumed such absurdities to be pretty much non-existent