To Vote or Not to Vote

“To vote or not to vote” is the popular argument that arises cyclically with every election, big or small. Voting is a nuanced and complicated topic, and no one is sure if there is a comprehensive ‘correct’ answer which takes into account all of the different experiences of various demographics in America.

Kanye West is Not a Free Thinker

Kanye West is antagonizing the Black Community and other People of Color to promote his upcoming album, Love Everyone. His latest tweets, praising Trump and his “Dragon energy,” are a transparent and desperate attempt to create an aura of controversy to prelude his album release.

Trump’s First Year: What Exactly Has Changed

It is undeniable that the number of reported hate crimes has increased during the first year of Trump’s presidency in comparison to the end of Obama’s presidency. However, the number of hate crimes committed during this time has yet to surpass the number of hate crimes committed against marginalized groups during the beginning of the Bush era. It is important to stop referring to Trump’s America as the worst time in American history because it is not, contrary to what the majority of Americans feel.