How to be Pro-Veteran

This Veteran’s Day, we should remember that in opposing the American military-industrial complex, we must remain pro-veteran. There are many instances in which it is not possible to separate an individual from an institution. However, to conflate an individual veteran with the institutional, historical violence that the U.S. has committed would be irresponsible, especially when considering that some personnel have greater choice than others about enlisting

Jazz Reggae Festival Returns Strong on its 31st Anniversary

Jazz Reggae is a longstanding tradition at UCLA that began with in 1986, born from the desire to promote student performers and examine the intersections of different art forms within the spectrum of jazz. The festival later expanded, incorporating reggae and jazz forms of music, which have inspired hip hop, R&B, rap, and soul music. From visual and live art to live music performances and local vendors, the festival has incorporated various cultural aspects that honor the diversity of Los Angeles and the rich history of Jazz and Reggae genres.

Event Review: “Black Panthers in Los Angeles”

The Gregorio Escalante Gallery in Los Angeles’ Chinatown is running the “Black Panthers Los Angeles” exhibit through May 14th. This exhibit features homages to the Black Panther party, its ideologies, and its lasting legacy upon American politics, culture, and social movements. The implementation of the party’s ideals included activism that sought to combat the negative impacts of capitalism, misogyny, and white supremacy.

Event Review: Allies in Arts Intersectional Feminism Panel

Conversations about representation in media have been critical in America’s changing political and cultural landscape, particularly with the rampant cultural appropriation, white-washing, and transphobia in Hollywood. Recently, Nolwen Cifuentes, Silas Howard, and Tani Ikeda addressed identity and media in an intersectional feminist panel hosted by Allies in Arts to reflect on rising activism under the new US president.