Children of Beqaa

“Children of Beqaa” tells the story of director Elias Matar’s journey to work with Salam LADC in the Beqaa valley in Lebanon, a region which millions of refugees have made their temporary home while fleeing the war. The film’s striking images and poignant narrative help illuminate the devastating but hopeful story of refugees fighting for their lives in the midst of losing nearly everything they have.

Nonviolence Teach-In

Join the UCLA Labor Center and UCLA Residential Life on May 30 from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in De Neve Auditorium for a Nonviolence Teach-In led by Reverend James Lawson Jr.! The teach-in features Reverend Francisco Garcia, United Teachers of LA’s Ilse Escobar, and Black Worker Center’s Lola Smallwood Cuevas, among others. The event will be a timely reminder of the power of nonviolent social action and the need for training and solidarity in social justice spaces today.

Love Your Body Fashion Show

On Thursday, Feb. 7, UCLA Student Wellness Commission’s Body Image Task Force put on Love Your Body Fashion Show as part of its annual I Love My Body Week. The body-positive fashion show was designed to embrace all forms of beauty represented by different cultures, gender identities, physical abilities and other intersecting identities.

Where is Your Money Going?

College is expensive these days. Besides basic costs like housing, tuition, food, and books, additional fees are tacked on to student’s BruinBills to pay for a variety of initiatives on campus – from sustainability efforts to student concerts. Whether you believe these fees are part of the cost of living in a community or an unfair burden on the ever-increasing cost of education, it’s important to know where your money is going.

Featured UCLA Feminist: Cera Muchiri

“For a long time, people thought that if women changed and asked for more rights, we would have equal rights. The work, however, needs to shift so that men are actively participating. Just as we speak about victims of sexual assault without addressing aggressors, we always talk about the feminist fight as a woman’s fight, without addressing that men are contributing to and benefitting from the current systems in place.”