Nicaragua in Revolt

Using the streets as avenues towards empowering their voice, those excluded were forced to be heard. Eventually, after deaths and violent clashes between protesters and authoritative police tarnished cities across Nicaragua, Ortega backtracked on his proposal.

Flag of Puerto Rico, via Wikimedia Commons/ Public Domain

100 Years in Limbo

It is not a coincidence that Puerto Rico, an island composed primarily of latinxs, is being ignored. Nor is it insignificant that Trump has accused Puerto Ricans of asking for too much aid, framing Puerto Ricans as stereotypically lazy. Downplaying the impact of Hurricane Maria and limiting federal assistance to the island fits in with a long history of the U.S. treating Puerto Ricans like second-class citizens.

The Death of Free Press in Mexico

The threat of death and increased government vigilance have triggered fear and self-censorship, discouraging journalists from speaking out against corruption. The recent murder of a journalist is a disturbing reminder of the risks faced by those who dare to report misconduct. As trepidation accompanies journalists in Mexico, an important pillar of democracy further disintegrates.

Looking Ahead: The Anti-Establishment Sentiment in Mexico’s 2018 Election

In accordance with widespread anti-elite sentiment, the Morena candidate has gained support from poor citizens as he attacks corrupt politicians, the elite class, and privatization. Although he mirrors the anti-establishment rhetoric of Trump and LePen, López Obredor advocates for left-wing policies, contradicting recent trends that posit populism only aligns with far right extremism.

Proposed Ballot Measure Highlights Anti-Immigrant Sentiment

In early April of this year, a man from Yucaipa, California proposed a ballot measure to deny undocumented children access to public education. The measure goes a step further and requires children of undocumented parents, regardless of the citizenship status of the student, to pay tuition at public schools. While the proposed measure has yet to be confirmed on the city ballot, it illustrates the extent of anti-immigrant ideologies and how they affect local level policies.