Kya Lou asks, “What Do You Do ‘Fore It’s Gone?”

UCLA art major Kya Lou’s exhibit “What Do You Do ‘fore It’s Gone?” examines the space between the settlement and upheaval of historically Black neighborhoods in South Los Angeles. Through use of audio, text, video, photography and textiles, Kya Lou foregrounds the concerns of citizens whose voices often go neglected, with the goal of fostering dialogue about the meaning of community.

Event Review: “Do I Look Like a Lady?”

Mickalene Thomas’s exhibit “Do I Look a Lady?” investigates the notion of black female subjectivity through the lens of popular media. Within the popular American imagination, black women are often portrayed as fitting within a set of types—hyper-fiery, hyper-sexual, or hyper-matronly. These archetypes are largely a product of the art produced within our hegemonic culture.