The Facing Project Celebrates LGBTQIA+ Narratives

The Facing Project was launched by the USAC Community Service Commission in order to create awareness in the UCLA community about the challenges and social stigmas faced by marginalized communities through the art of storytelling. Each year, the Facing Project gathers writers and storytellers in order to create a book that talks about the experiences of the community the group has chosen to focus on. The editor-in-chief, Nicolette Olson, told us more about the Facing Project’s newest book centered on LGBTQ+ stories.

When a Safe Space Is No Longer Safe: PWR BTTM, Consent, and Holding Artists Accountable

Queer punk band PWR BTTM’s fast ascent to fame within the DIY and LGBTQIA+ communities has just as speedily turned into a sharp downfall. Known for providing queer youth with a much-needed safe and supportive space in which to escape an often queerphobic mainstream society, the band has become the subject of quickly developing and highly publicized sexual assault accusations.