UCLA Women’s Soccer Kneels for the National Anthem

Head coach Amanda Cromwell said, “It’s an honor to coach this team and have these conversations because they’re really important to have.” Her closing comment highlights a major issue facing the now nationwide, professional sports-wide movement. Players and their authority figures must have conversations about uncomfortable topics such as racial inequality in this country.

Where is Your Money Going?

College is expensive these days. Besides basic costs like housing, tuition, food, and books, additional fees are tacked on to student’s BruinBills to pay for a variety of initiatives on campus – from sustainability efforts to student concerts. Whether you believe these fees are part of the cost of living in a community or an unfair burden on the ever-increasing cost of education, it’s important to know where your money is going.

FiveFilms4Freedom Comes to UCLA

As the competition’s name suggests, there were five winning entries all in all: “Crush,” “Heavy Weight,” “Jamie,” “Still Burning,” and “Where We Are Now.” Each film tackled a different LGBT+ experience, their plots ranging in complexity—from the anxious innocence of a first crush to the arduous journey of transitioning as a parent. Each story invites audiences to empathize with the LGBT+ community, not just by appreciating the different challenges LGBT+ people face from their own challenges but more importantly the similar values which guide their choices.