Proposed Ballot Measure Highlights Anti-Immigrant Sentiment

In early April of this year, a man from Yucaipa, California proposed a ballot measure to deny undocumented children access to public education. The measure goes a step further and requires children of undocumented parents, regardless of the citizenship status of the student, to pay tuition at public schools. While the proposed measure has yet to be confirmed on the city ballot, it illustrates the extent of anti-immigrant ideologies and how they affect local level policies.

International Women’s Day’s Labor Movement History

“A Day Without a Woman,” the women’s strike planned for International Women’s Day, is by nature a statement about the role of women in the international economy. Ashley Bohrer, a member of the strike’s national planning committee, maintains that the strike attempts to resist the past “decoupling of International Women’s Day from its very radical working-class background.”

Beyond Bathrooms: What Trump’s Recent Federal Guidance Really Means

The recent federal guidance places an emphasis on protecting heterosexual, cis-normative individuals while ignoring the trans population proven to be much more at risk when it comes to sexual assault. While it is of course important to protect all individuals against sexual assault, this guidance keeps those belonging to the cis-normative population in power and continues to oppress the LGBT population.

The Value of Facts and Reality in a World That Doesn’t Seem to Care About Them

The “post-fact” world that we are hurdling towards does not have to become a reality as long as we constantly expose ourselves to a variety of news sources by not only avoiding unreliable news channels, but also by entertaining different points of view from valid sources across the political spectrum. It is only through understanding “the other side” that we can begin to understand what caused such a divide in the first place, and then take measures to address it.