Feminism 101: What is the Commodification of Femininity?

The very act of buying household products or a princess crown is not liberating; it normalizes a female social role centered on appearance and status rather than intellectual growth and financial success. The commodification of femininity reveals how various marketing practices and strategies shape consumer patterns, gender identities, and social roles that continue to perpetuate gender inequality.

Say My Name

It has been a lifetime’s work of trying to find my name beautiful again. There are days where I am tempted to revert to my old ways, days where I still see it as a source of discomfort, a word too foreign even for my own tongue, but I am working tirelessly to unlearn this.

Contextualize, Clarify, Converse, Connect: How You Can Use the 4 C’s to Inspire the Fourth Wave of Feminists

Their keenness and young age provides a sort of blank canvas for the new generation of feminists. Unlike people who are older, it is easier to address misconceptions and alter a backwards mindset. Thus, I have come up with the four C’s of teaching feminism to middle school kids: contextualize, clarify, converse, and connect.