the lies you lead

    "A sinister grin, / that I failed to see before. / Weren’t you going to lead me to paradise?"

    Banana Republic: The U.S.’ Violent Pursuit for Hegemony

    The U.S.’ ruthless pursuit of hegemony is encapsulated in Chiquita’s 100 year long pursuit of corporatocracy in the banana republic and is emblematic of a political-economic system that operates by…

    “Squid Game: The Challenge” & The Game of Life under Capitalism

    The underlying messages of commodification and desensitization embedded within "Squid Game: The Challenge" stand in stark contrast to the conclusion of the original show, and highlight dark truths about our…

    Your White Boy of the Month Is Perpetuating Racism

    The “white boy of the month:” a rotating selection of conventionally attractive and “ugly hot” white celebrities who are thrust into the lustful teenage eye. While made out to be…

    Seasonal Depression is Just Your Toxic Ex-Boyfriend

    They are his, his, his just like I am still his, his, his.
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