Featured UCLA Feminist: Karina Damian

    First-year Karina Damian credits feminist ideologies for her ambition to deviate from her culture’s traditional expectations for a woman, and partly for her attendance at UCLA.

    Lily R. Mason’s Workshop for Writing Queer-Centered Sex Scenes

    Ultimately, all of Mason’s tips and tricks to writing good queer-centered sex scenes are about embracing the vulnerability of such experiences. Especially when one is queer, sex is codified as…

    UTLA Strike: Wins and What Comes Next

    It will continue to be students, teachers, psychologists, nurses, librarians, and custodians who show up for public education, within a district which is paid for by billionaires

    The Ocean’s Lament

    Image by Jenny Dodge Let us return to the beginning, O Great Ocean You have endured as much suffering As a mother whose wayward offspring Walk in disobedience, heads held…

    The Butterfly Effect: Artists Are Here to Disturb the Peace

    Politics was never about being logical or rational. It is about who tells the most compelling story. And the story doesn’t have to come from the authority — often times…

    Day of Remembrance — A Discussion that Needs to be Continued

    With Day of Remembrance coming up, UCLA and USC’s NSU clubs have worked towards continuing the conversation surrounding the mass incarceration of Japanese-Americans.