‘Sex Education’ and Its Display of Transformative Anger

    “Sex Education” does a brilliant job at conveying female rage in one individual scene in one individual episode, “The Girls Smashing Things.”

    ‘I Am Not Okay With This’: Netflix’s New Telekinetic White Girl

    If I described a white girl with telekinetic abilities in a dress covered in blood you would think I was talking about Carrie White.

    The Fantabulous Emancipation of the Birds of Prey

    By the end of the movie, each woman is given the chance to carve her own place in the world, which was ultimately their collective goal.

    Navigating the Workforce as an International Student

    The following investigative piece explores some of the challenges international students face when navigating job and internship searches.

    ‘The Witcher’: Powerful Disabled Characters? Apparently Just a Fantasy

    And yet—despite being an imaginary world where anything can happen—a powerful, complex disabled character is unimaginable.

    Music Mondays: FEM’S Journey Through Finals

    It’s been five years, but FEM is back with Music Monday—just in time for finals!
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