UCLA’s Ableist Policy Change — And What You Can Do About It

    Image Description: A black logo for the UCLA Disabled Student Union against a white background. This article was published in association with the Disabled Student Union of UCLA. Transitioning back…

    Students Call for UCLA Administration to Abolish Campus Police Presence

    Image Description: A large group of protesters march on Westwood Boulevard near UCLA’s police station. A protester at the front of the crowd holds a sign reading “Cops off the…

    The French Paradox: France’s Hijab Ban and the Colonial Project

    “The recently proposed hijab ban is blatant proof that the French government is diseased.”

    What Does It Mean for a Black Man to be Captain America?

    How can someone represent a country that has never represented their people?

    Race, Identity, and Invisibility in the American Novel

    Image Description: A photo of the book Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison alongside zoom boxes with three speakers: Danielle Evans (top right), Mona Simpson (middle right), and Adam Bradley (bottom…

    The First Step Towards Justice: Acknowledging Historical Oppression

    We can not dismantle oppression if we will not admit, or are even aware, that it exists in the first place.
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