The Aesthetic of Health

    Picture the average pilates-goer: she’s clad in Lululemon and deeply concerned with her gut microbiome, she eats enough vitamin supplements to cure a horse of scurvy, and, most importantly, she…

    Anti-Blackness and the Case of the BBRC

    Since the EARN! Referendum called for support of the BBRC, its failure to pass indicates a tendency for piecemeal reform visible at UCLA and within society at large.

    Rat on Polished Wood

    I let the silence boil as I pick mismatched graphic tees off of colorful plastic hangers, imagining this is a bouquet of rainbow-dyed carnations and each shirt picked is a…

    Gender Beyond LGBTQ+ Labels

    Modern LGBTQ+ discourse has advanced gender inclusivity, but more attention should be drawn to gender across different cultures.

    Being Lolita – FEMoir Series

    It’s frightening when your perception clashes with reality in a sharp, electric flash of clarity and anxiety. You're terrified that things will be different; that things will be far from…
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