The RSS: Something Sinister in America’s Backyard

    Design by Shannon Boland Image Description: Inverted mirror images of former presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard over background of orange and green flags. Content Warning: genocide, Hindu Nationalism, mentions of Nazis…

    The False Justice of Betsy DeVos’ Title IX Revisions

    Updates on DeVos’ Title IX revisions, which largely rebalance the law in favor of the accused, as the consequences ripple throughout UCLA and the country.

    The Danger of Fitness Influencers

    Since the gym is typically associated with intimidating weight rooms full of buff finance bros, seeing a fearless woman taking on the weight room on Instagram can be inspirational.

    I Miss High Fives: Some Social Distancing Thoughts

    how do you give a hug from behind a screen?

    Pre-Partition Punjab: My Sikh Country

    What do you do? When your feet land on both sides of the border.


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