she’s sad

    "I can still hear her faint cries. Will she be okay?"

    Female Autonomy in Film: Comparing and Contrasting “Priscilla” and “Spencer”

    “Priscilla” and “Spencer” are fixed on either side of a mirror. These films are more than the perfect double feature— they manage to depict women struggling in solidarity two decades…

    Just to be Queer Here: “Bottoms” is Only the Beginning

    This movie is more than a gay reclamation of the genre and tropes that excluded it for decades, it’s an emblem of the uninhibited joy and more importantly, the sincerity…

    Remnants: Embodied Archives of the Armenian Genocide: Book Talk With Dr. Elyse Semerdjian

    On the morning of November 15, communicating with a sea of faces perched neatly within miniscule Zoom rectangles, Dr. Elyse Semerdjian asserted a startling, but apt, comparison.

    On Fanfiction

    It was a horribly embarrassing, slipped-into delusion, such that I would worry anxiously for the day you might be somehow resurrected.
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