Creativity Secures People’s Voice on Women Trafficking under Censorship

    Through the creative derivation of and active adaptation to censorship, feminist netizens in China generate enormous power which attests to their resilience and determination.

    The Republican Culture War on LGBTQ+ Youth

    From the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” to the “Save Women’s Sports Act,” 2022 has seen an overwhelming increase in state legislation filed to promote anti-LGBTQ+ values. For several election terms,…


    Sweep and wipe and hunger. Sing yourself into a special little frenzy.

    afternoon tea

    like a babe the little cup of tea is cradled sugar sipped and crimped and sampled

    Show’s Over: Ending The Miserable Cycle of LA Politics

    Mejia reveals a unique talent for bridging the gap between big data and normal people, based on his firm belief that the people, empowered with information on their government, will…

    The Revolution Will Not Be Aestheticized

    While many of the social media posts made during the Black Lives Matter movement were not made with ill intent, there is real harm in subduing and re-marketing radical movements…
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