Space Lasers and the Death of Imagination

    Science fiction can be creative, exploratory, and deeply revealing about the nature and problems of society today, all within the vehicle of a fiction story or movie. The genre can…

    Are you there Barbie? It’s me, Tessa

    You never told me how hard it would be, Barbie, to stop things once they’ve started.


    Attempts to unfasten her mouth expose remains of her flesh, bound together.

    My Body as Haikus

    let the rope on my neck be this current's tether strung through fertile tides curled in tempest air of anxiety tormenting showers rip through shaking leaves until I am naked,…

    Recovering From Winter Quarter Burn Out: A Guide to Navigating Mental Health Resources at UCLA

    Whether it be medical or non-medical care, in a professional setting or a social one, someone at UCLA is ready to help.

    No One’s Laughing: “Funny Girl” and an Accountability Crisis

    To many, the name “Fanny Brice” may sound only vaguely reminiscent of a niche TV show reference from the 2010s, but for others the name is emblematic, weighted with decades…
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