Why Isn’t Anybody Talking About This?

    Your outrage is not more important than the outrageous.

    How Elites Weaponize Identity Politics

    Elites weaponize identity politics to offer us the appearance of progress without the meaningful policy required to improve the lives of marginalized peoples. As we continue to see the compounding…

    Dear Ms. Andry, What’s Up With My Sexuality?

    It’s possible that since you’ve been trained for your whole life to be attracted to men, your brain may be grasping at straws to maintain the illusion that you’re not…

    UCLA’s EmPower Hour Holds Discussion on Student Activism

    “If you didn’t know when you came here that capitalism sucks … that’s the consensus.”

    The Importance of Education in Combating Global Racism

    In a virtual discussion this week, UCLA’s Vice Chancellor Anna Spain Bradley, Vice Provost Cindy Fan, and student attendees discussed the significance of education in combating global racism.

    Submission: Gayness Explained

    Being gay is a complicated mess of a sexual orientation, and there is no way to come out without being hurt.
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