Hello Kitty is a Political Icon

    In recent years, Hello Kitty has been appropriated by modern media and consumer culture, therefore warping the sentimentality and iconic symbolism that surrounds the character into a tool to aestheticize…

    Why Your Anti-Gun Control Arguments Are Baseless, From A US Debate Champion

    AR-15s are not a rational threat to a government with F-35s, aircraft carriers, and a multi-trillion-dollar nuclear arsenal. They are a threat to a classroom full of elementary school children.

    The De-sexification of the Green M&M

    We mourn the loss of boots and also the loss of accountability for substandard business actions.

    The Antithesis of the Media’s Idea of Healthy Living

    Although it’s important to be conscious of one’s diet and exercise routine, the glamorous lifestyle of celebrities and fitness influencers who upload diet videos actually promote capitalistic and consumerist practices.…

    Dating in High School – A Shakespearean Tragedy

    Euphoria reminds us of how we were reaching towards each other, needy and hopeless, looking for the love we wished our parents had given us.

    Movie Review: “Belle” by Mamoru Hosoda

    Hosoda’s “Belle” truly is a work of art. However, while it is visually pleasing and has one of the best musical soundtracks I’ve ever heard, its plot is practically nonexistent,…
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