On Nicotine Addiction

    I thought, “What the hell, I’ll keep them,” and made those eight or nine cigarettes last me another couple months.

    Featured UCLA Feminist: Sapna Ramappa

    Sapna Ramappa, a 2nd-year undergraduate student, shares her journey into activism and advocacy. From producing a podcast to singing on an all-girls a capella team, Sapna has grown into a…

    Analyzing Impeachment: The Purpose Behind an Ineffective Trial

    At the Hammer Museum event, “Impeachment, What Just Happened?” political scholars analyzed the purpose behind an impeachment trial with a seemingly predetermined outcome.

    “Letters from Masanjia” Film Screening

    Hosted by the Falun Dafa club, the film "Letters from Masanjia" tells a story of resilience and connection. In this eye-opening documentary, a prisoner's letter found in Oregon taped to…

    Why Gender-Neutral Solutions Don’t Work

    False gender neutrality only serves to benefit those at the top as long as power is distributed unequally.

    Feminism 101: What is Heteronormativity?

    Heteronormative society ingrains the prejudice or dislike of people who are ‘different.’ Due to gender roles within heteronormativity, it is ‘natural’ to assume that if someone does not fit in…
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