Letter To The Editor

Image Description: Red retro TV graphic with the words “BREAKING NEWS” appearing inside the TV in red writing. The images the TV are of the UCLA encampments and the images surrounding the TV in vignette are of the Palestinian crisis.

Design by Erin Choi.

On this evening’s news, you narrated to us
a real lesson on the ins and outs 
of the American 
education system, which currently rests
on stolen land and 
makeshift barricades of
            zip ties, and walls
            of young student bodies, whose
Limbs remain stained with the black and blue inkings 
of roommates, parents, and 
jail support, 
Who, in the absence of chain-link fences, have instead chosen
to link their complicit arms together as their
Eyes still stream with bloodied rivulets of 
                        tear gas,
                        bear mace,
                        and paralyzing 
                                       disillusionment, while their
Shoes remain streaked with the faded trails of the paint and chalk and 
            Crayola Washable Markers that lay 
discarded at the foot of the non-people’s Library
building (which, against all odds, has withstood the disturbing and frankly brutal attacks of
                                                   removable graffiti and
                                                   radicalist left-wing protest posters that violently 
                                                   exceed the 30×30-inch guidelines),
            which had been frantically kicked aside by 
                         teenagers freshly released 
from the R*nald R**gan Medical Center, which they were only able to access by way 
            of Uber and Zipcar after 
law enforcement blocked ambulances from treating the youth who were 
                         bludgeoned with scaffolding rods and Bird scooters 
                                      on live television 
                                      for three hours straight, which was of course happening when 
                                      the cops could have stopped
                          the Proud Boys who decided to pay their local 
                                      student encampment 
a visit as soon as they were released
             from their 9-5 jobs–
although, to be fair, 
              these men are just Patriots who understand that
              the real work to be done lies
                           taking back our campuses,
which have somehow become overrun with 
                                                  students, of all things,
                         who are not yet a lost generation, but 
could very well be the last,
whose illegal peaceful protest tent city became the instigator of 
            clashes and scuffles and stand-offs  
that turned rodents into warfare and 
            classmates into comrades,
which is also the place where 
                          the same kids that feared school shooters 
                           are now staring down 
                                         state troopers who  
train sniper rifles on undergraduates at the orders of their own Chancellor, who is finally 
            cracking down 
            on the crimes of 
                        camping on your own campus and
                        foolishly believing
                                    in the First Amendment, which really is more of a suggestion
                         than a sure thing, so now
All we can do is watch 
            the students watch the prison buses wait
            next to the same building that houses
                          Gender studies and African American studies, which,
                          fun fact,
                          sits right across from the very hall that saw the assassination
                          of two Black Panthers, which, today, 
                          continues to bear witness 
             to the forcible dispersal and arrest 
             of its most vulnerable community members, whose
Hearts are now 
with the realization that
            it is impossible to 
                        fix a fixed system 
                                                 and Bail ourselves out
                                                                                                                 of a genocide,
thanks to your blind eyes and your “hands tied” that 
                          aren’t even bound, they’ve just gotten stuck
             in your oh-so-deepening pockets—

And yet, for all of your reliable investigative on-the-ground coverage,
you still manage to speak shit about
              our movement
without uttering a 
               word about 




Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) – direct support to displaced families in Gaza, raises funds for food, aid, and women’s hygiene products



Muslim Aid USA (MAUSA) – raises money for clean water, medication/medical equipment, and sanitation for communities in Gaza



American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) – provides refugee support in Palestine, Lebanon, and Jordan



Doctors Without Borders (MSF) – funds medical humanitarian aid in Gaza, Haiti, Sudan, and more


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