First Light

The following is a submission to our open call for art related to the UCLA encampment and the Palestinian crisis.

Olivia Sieve is a third-year studying Psychology at UCLA. She has been involved in Community Outreach, Design, and Arts & Creative during her time at FEM Newsmagazine, and organizes with Anakbayan, IGNITE, and the Student Wellness Commission.

“First Light” comprises mornings in UCLA’s Palestine Solidarity Encampment. Included are images of police detaining a protester for protecting the Palestinian flag, of food donations, and of the Bruin Statue, endowed with PPE. The last picture was taken at dawn following the final sweep. As the sun illuminated the tents of the encampment for the last time, the Bruin Statue remained armored with the helmet and goggles protesters had worn throughout the night. The movement does not end with the encampment; every night is followed by another sun.

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