Featured UCLA Feminist: Cera Muchiri

“For a long time, people thought that if women changed and asked for more rights, we would have equal rights. The work, however, needs to shift so that men are actively participating. Just as we speak about victims of sexual assault without addressing aggressors, we always talk about the feminist fight as a woman’s fight, without addressing that men are contributing to and benefitting from the current systems in place.”

Feminism 101: What Is A SWERF?

The argument behind SWERF ideology tends to be that sex workers become the victims of sexual objectification, exploitation, and violence; and that, by participating in this kind of industry, sex workers become co-perpetrators of these crimes. While most feminist schools support an individual’s right to choose what sexual activities they do or do not engage in, SWERFs take it upon themselves to tell other people what and what not to do with their bodies.