Nicaragua in Revolt

Using the streets as avenues towards empowering their voice, those excluded were forced to be heard. Eventually, after deaths and violent clashes between protesters and authoritative police tarnished cities across Nicaragua, Ortega backtracked on his proposal.

Housing Bubbles: What we can learn from 2008

While this affected all communities, the ACLU study displays that the subprime financing disproportionately affected Black communities, even accounting for upper income Black households. Additionally a report from the Department of Treasury found that Black and Latinx households were almost 50% more likely to face foreclosure then white households. This evidence of racial disparities in subprime lending shows Americans the social impact of the 2008 housing bubble burst.

On Keeping the Dream Act Alive: Resistance at Home and in D.C.

The conversation regarding the Dream Act and who it impacts does not fully address the issues immigrant communities face, which is why immigrant activists are demanding a clean Dream act: one that would create a pathway to U.S. citizenship without using young immigrants to further harm immigrant communities. In practice, this would mean a deal without funding for a border wall and increased border security, interior enforcement, detention centers or mandatory E-Verify.