The 2018 Midterm Election: We Need to Do Better

Due to voter suppression tactics and white women again refusing the call to action, the midterm elections were disappointing. While there were definitely some major successes for women and the LGBTQIA+ community that deserve to be celebrated, there is still a lot of work to do. Overall, the midterm election results provide some hope for the future, but reveal the many issues minorities face while voting and the impact of those issues on elections.

Fear of the Migrant Caravan Helps to Bolster Public Approval of Anti-Immigration Policies

The violent criminalization of migrants and those seeking asylum in the United States is a trend that portrays Central American migrants as criminals, rapists and gang members. These are notions that have become central to the policies and the tactics that are often employed or utilized to attempt to gain public support for certain anti-immigration policies.

To Vote or Not to Vote

“To vote or not to vote” is the popular argument that arises cyclically with every election, big or small. Voting is a nuanced and complicated topic, and no one is sure if there is a comprehensive ‘correct’ answer which takes into account all of the different experiences of various demographics in America.

Proposition 10 on the California Midterm Ballot: What It Means for Communities Everywhere

Homelessness, and therefore the California Housing Crisis, as an inextricably intersectional issue. Proposition 10, which will be on the ballot in the November 6 California election, has the power to alleviate some of the pressure on the marginalized communities most affected by homelessness and gentrification. Although there is a highly funded campaign against the proposition, the organizations that have voiced support for its passing demonstrate the positive impact it could truly have.

Kanye West is Not a Free Thinker

Kanye West is antagonizing the Black Community and other People of Color to promote his upcoming album, Love Everyone. His latest tweets, praising Trump and his “Dragon energy,” are a transparent and desperate attempt to create an aura of controversy to prelude his album release.