GamerGate, The Internet’s First Civil War: “It’s About Ethics in Misogyny”

When I first heard about GamerGate, I was clueless, then I became confused, and finally offended. Like many others outside the gaming scene, I immediately saw it at surface value as infighting over issues on feminism. It is so much more than that now that I took the time to educate myself. I can see why it’s hard to see where GamerGate originated with everyone on the bandwagon giving an opinion, an angle, an interpretation, and making GamerGate bloated with a whole lot of noise from every side.

I was Co-Dependent Before it was Cool: Dysfunctional love and performative identity in Indie pop

Lana responds to this rejection by creating the personas of an American gold digger and ruinous Lolita, characters that counter the exposed vulnerability of “Video Games.” Lana litters her album with references to Lolita and boasts about manipulating older men for their money. Anti-feminist in nature, these personas tout a regressive financial dependency and vapid materialism. In “Off to the Races,” Lana seductively croons “Light of my life/ fire of my loins/give me them gold coins.”