10 Fictional Women We Would Want as President

Image: Illustration by Sara Haas.

With the election season just around the corner, we are all thinking about the kind of person we would want as our next president and leader of our country. To add a fun twist to things, I decided to compile a list of some of our favorite fictional women who, based on their actions and characters, could become great presidents.    

Hermione Granger:

The ever so clever heroine from the Harry Potter series would be an excellent candidate, especially when you consider that, without her, Harry Potter never would have survived past the first book. Smart, decisive, caring, and with her no-nonsense attitude, Hermionie would fit in and take charge of the White House without a hitch.  


This widely-known Marvel heroine is a force to be reckoned with, especially considering her control over the weather. An experienced leader, Storm was one of the original X-Men and even took over Professor X’s mantel. Strong, determined and influential, Storm would face down Congress any day and push forward her equality-centered ideas — for both humans and mutants!   

Daenerys Targaryen:

Everyone’s favorite Khaleesi, this mother of dragons and possible owner of the Iron Throne, could wield her idealistic nature in the Oval Office, like when she freed all the slaves in Astapor. While some of her methods have been, admittedly, crude and she is somewhat naive of the consequences brought upon by her actions, her loyalty, compassion, and sympathy for others will only further her growth as a leader and a person.

Zoe Washburne:

This badass lady of the deeply loved and missed show Firefly would be an excellent President with her tough-as-nails attitude yet benevolent nature and love for her family and friends. Her righteous demeanor, strong mentality, and intelligence would help her govern the country with both justice and integrity.   

Elizabeth Bennet:

Intelligent and quick-witted, this Pride and Prejudice protagonist was a forward thinker during her time and would most likely flourish in modern times with the ever-growing feminist movement. With her honest and virtuous nature, Elizabeth overcomes social boundaries and prejudices, skills which would be helpful in the White House and her overall campaign.  

Wonder Woman:

Another widely known superheroine, this DC superstar is a huge feminist icon and a long time role model for young girls and women. As a warrior princess, Wonder Woman has experience leading. This, along with her strong sense of justice, fearlessness, and appetite to fight for the greater good, would keep Wonder Woman high in the polls, and loved as a president.

Nancy Drew:

This famous detective could easily deduce her way into the White House… and probably solve a few crimes along the way. Nancy’s intelligence, loyalty, and charm would win over the American people and place her into their hearts. Her detective skills also help her judgement, opening the window for her to spot any corruption or misdoings in the government.  


With such an extraordinary mind, Matilda obtains wisdom way beyond her years, so much so that she manages to gain the skill of telekinesis. Being so accomplished at such a young age, one can only imagine what she could be capable of as a matured woman, where her becoming the President would be a very real and definite possibility.     

Lucy Pevensie:

Known lovingly as Queen Lucy the Valiant by the people of Narnia, going from Queen to President is not a wild leap. A powerful warrior, but also a kind-hearted healer, Lucy is a fierce believer of truth and justice, always fighting for what she believes is right. These qualities give her a strong moral compass and help make her a great leader.

Fa Mulan:

Arguably one of the most iconic Disney characters of all time and a huge feminist icon, Mulan showed that anyone can make a difference and be powerful. As a courageous and inspiring creator of her own path, Mulan would fit perfectly into presidential life. With her resourceful and outspoken nature, she is a natural leader – as seen in her victory against the Huns.

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