Featured UCLA Feminist: Chelsea Moore

Photo courtesy of Chelsea Moore and BOXFOX

Chelsea Moore is a UCLA alumna and entrepreneur. After graduating from UCLA in 2013, Moore joined the world of marketing, development, and strategy, working at companies such as Brandy Melville and David&Goliath. Following those experiences, Moore went on to found BOXFOX with her sorority sister, Jennifer Olivero, and friend Sabena Suri.

BOXFOX was founded after Moore, Olivero, and Suri realized how different and difficult it could be to stay connected to friends post-college. After a friend was hospitalized, they realized there was no easy way to send a single box of personal, comforting gifts. As a result, BOXFOX was formed.

BOXFOX is a website that allows customers to purchase pre-curated gift boxes for friends and loved ones full of elevated, beautiful gifts accompanied by a handwritten note. Customers can also choose to build their own box, selecting items from BOXFOX’s handpicked goods.

Moore says she didn’t know she was a feminist until she joined the workforce. “It just didn’t occur to me until I started working and I was exposed to different generations and different attitudes and getting this nuance of being a young woman in a multi-generational ecosystem… I was like, ‘Oh wow. There [is] a little bit more work to be done.’ ”

“To me, feminism is about equal opportunity and the freedom to work hard and pursue the path of your dreams,” said Moore. “In our modern age, work is life and life is work… [at BOXFOX] we want to create a holistic approach to work and life that’s conducive to balancing it all.”

Their previous work experiences have influenced how the founders want BOXFOX’s company culture to be. Previous jobs were in environments where women tore each other down instead of building each other up, or male supervisors addressed them as “baby” or “sweetheart.” “After working in different environments… we’re really committed every time we add interns or employees to creating a positive, productive working environment,” said Moore.

Drawing from her own experiences, Moore advises soon-to-be graduating Bruins to have confidence in themselves and their own abilities. Confidence “gives you the ability to fight for your place and climb the ladder and stand up for what you believe in, and that’s really important.”

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