Featured UCLA Feminist: Julia Anderson

Photo courtesy of Julia Anderson 

Passionate, reliable, outspoken and kind. These are a few words that friends of Julia Anderson, Featured Feminist of the Week, would use to describe her.

Julia, a third-year economics and art history student, is someone who is unafraid to speak up for others. As a member of Sexperts as well as a Greek Violence Intervention and Protection (VIP) representative for Phi Sigma Rho, Julia cares deeply about leading conversations about topics like sex, sexual violence, healthy relationships, and assault prevention. She describes being a feminist as “actively striving towards a truly equal society for all, whether it be in a major public movement or just in everyday conversations.”

For Julia, starting school at UCLA marked a pivotal moment in her growth as a feminist, and provided her with a new perspective on the world around her. She believes that her feminist awakening happened after she moved from her conservative suburban hometown in Illinois and to Los Angeles. “It was the first time I experienced actual diversity in every sense of the word,” Julia says of her move to UCLA. “Issues that were something I would only read about became personal to me and my friends.”

Julia describes her move to UCLA as an eye-opening experience, and one that ignited her passion for speaking up about sexual health and against sexual violence. Julia says that feminism has changed her life by “bringing to light the true inequalities of our society and has showed me the change it can make by bringing a whole community of incredible people, one I am proud to be apart of, together to fight for what they believe in.”

Even in times like these where it can be difficult to read the latest headlines, Julia is optimistic about the future and potential for change. She believes that speaking out and educating others about feminism will eventually bring people together to fight for gender equality. “As time goes on and political climates heat up, I only see feminism gaining momentum and see more people of all genders identifying as feminists,” Julia adds. “I believe that the momentum and group will continue to grow, and although change is slow, it is also inevitable.”

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