My Feminism

Image by Emma Lehman

My feminism doesn’t blame just men
and no, I’m not programmed
to criticize
anything that doesn’t have a vagina
My feminism also calls out
to women who only somehow appear
in aftermaths
as “best friends”
and “sisters”
offering hollow condolences
but are somehow never there when
we were being taunted
and named and shamed
in public

My feminism scorns at
women who plot against their own
“That bitch deserved it”
who cut some lines short
to make theirs bigger
Girlie, we just have each other
to hold and to help
nobody can bring us out
of this swamp
if we keep pulling
our own selves down

My feminism rolls eyes
at women who laugh
at rape jokes, because “relax it’s just a joke”
Laughing at 1 in 5 rape victims in the US
or at 106 rape victims in a day in India
or at an issue that affects you
and everyone you love
is not laughable
Basic human rights are not funny
and our suffering
is not a fucking joke you’re allowed
to make

My feminism shouts back
to women who
taunt us for wearing “slutty” skirts
Honey, asking us to change our clothes
to prevent harassment
is literally making sure he harasses the other girl
there will always be someone
who is less sober
less secure
walking in a darker night
and my feminism wants her to be
just as safe as me

My feminism doesn’t just blame men
and no, I’m not programmed
to criticise
anything that doesn’t have a vagina
My feminism just wants
the women
of this planet
to just be treated
with respect,
just wants some warmth
and love
and a place to call home

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