Upcoming: “Rebirth”—-FEM’s Fall 2013 Quarterly Magazine

“In my own worst seasons I’ve come back from the colorless world of despair by forcing myself to look hard, for a long time, at a single glorious thing: a flame of red geranium outside my bedroom window. And then another: my daughter in a yellow dress. And another: the perfect outline of a full, dark sphere behind the crescent moon. Until I learned to be in love with my life again. Like a stroke victim retraining new parts of the brain to grasp lost skills, I have taught myself joy, over and over again” (15).

Barbara KingsolverHigh Tide In Tucson: Essays From Now Or Never

FEM is proud to introduce “Rebirth” as the theme of this quarter’s online newsmagazine.

Focusing on survival and regeneration, we are featuring stories on gendered violence, human trafficking, the concept of virginity, the treatment of *trans people in America, and self-hatred due to perceptions of body image.

We challenge the language of blame which attempts to silence “victims” rather than promote survivors.

**All are welcome to contribute ideas or work. Please email us: [email protected]

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