she’s sad

Design by: Erin Choi

Image Description: A demoness experiencing the pain of sadness for the first time. As it breaks her apart a girl is left with the aftermath of her broken demon.

I have a demon inside of me.

She comes to me at a crossroads,

She smiles, 

Coaxing me into her world.

She lures me away towards an uncharted path,

Steeped in treachery.

Her laughter leads me.

But lately, she’s been crying.

Her tears form an ocean, 

And overwhelm me with crashing waves.

I’m sinking into her emotions.

She’s sad,

No she’s angry,

No she’s frustrated,


She’s just surviving.

I don’t think she knows what she’s feeling,

And I’m scared to ask,

So I just drown.

Falling deeper and deeper into her waters.

The beautiful sounds of laughter that once filled the air,

Are now suffocated in this submerged grave.

I hit the ocean floor,

Releasing the last of the breath she had gifted me.

As my eyes slowly close,

I am left in darkness.

Abandoned with my own thoughts,

Surrounded by nothingness. 

I can still hear her faint cries.

Will she be okay?

I may never know.

As I drift off, 

I say to her,

My demon,

Please don’t cry,

Even though I am leaving,

I will always be with you,

Waiting for you to smile again. 

I have a demon inside of me,



She’s sad.

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