Silent Scream

Image via WikiCommons

Image description: The sun sets over the ocean. The sky is darkening and clouds are backlit with an orange glow.

Trigger warning: this poem contains mentions of domestic abuse.

She was no longer in her body,
no longer bathing in the maddening merciless macrocosm
while being only a somebody she did not discern,
blood on the floor and shattered glass, love, naivety
She still wakes up at night, thinking that his hands are on her;
She still silently cries, but nobody–absolutely nobody–
can hear her imploring the stars to pity her
and take her back home;
so, she continues to be,
for as long as the tender sun rays kiss her softly,
reviving her consciousness, pulse, and life–only momentarily–
in her eyes of vehement storms
that once were before.

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