Featured UCLA Feminist: Stephanie Feijoo

 “The way someone looks shouldn’t label you a feminist.”

Stephanie Feijoo considers herself a “girly-girl” and believes this aspect should not make her any of less of a feminist than anyone else.

“There’s that misconception that feminists want to be perceived in the way where we don’t want to shave our legs or armpits. But the thing is, you’re as much of a feminist as someone who does shave their legs and armpits.”

Feminists have always battled the stigma that claims they are not concerned about their appearance. So when a feminist does not fit this standard by taking an interest in maintaining his or her image, it is common for people to question his or her beliefs.

But Stephanie points out, “I’m just as much of a feminist as somebody else who chooses to look a certain way.”

Stephanie considers feminism to be about something much more significant than personal appearance.

She says that feminism to her is “Strength, bravery, courage, and individuality. I think it’s a sisterhood where we stand up for each other’s problems and personal lives. It’s the one factor that unites us all.”

She expresses that the above qualities are key components that enable people to effectively challenge the inequalities imposed on women in society. Additionally, Stephanie believes that feminism is the concept that can bring all women from different backgrounds together.

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