Poem by contributor: Ashlee Elizabeth Lindsay

My love is a single edged sword

Created to protect

To keep safe that which is held dear

To serve the person who wields it obediently

Without harm


Without harm unless betrayed.

Being something to rely on

To trust and depend upon by the person who holds it

An instrument used to pledge your loyalty


Your life, to the one that you love

Or death to the one whom betrays…


But your sword of love isn’t like mine

It is likened to a double edged sword

One edge that feels my warmth and love

Reciprocating that which I give to you

Yet the other edge is a darker one

An edge that causes pain

Reflected upon and within every movement

Every gesture

Every word as if it’s ingrained in you

Carefully aimed straight at my heart

Waiting to strike

Poised to strike

And repeating to strike till there is nothing left of my heart


Now your double edged sword has killed what I value most-

My love for you

Turning it into a deepening betrayal

That keeps bleeding out pain

You have overstepped your reach

Now this single edged sword that once loved you

Protected you

Who refused to harm you

(Even if that meant her own death)

Has risen up against you

In order to save what little of herself that she can

Patiently defending herself from your vicious attacks

Waiting for the perfect moment to strike

That which is killing her from the inside

Waiting for you to see the tears

That her heart has been crying out

Because single edged swords were created to protect the ones they love…

But betrayal is punishable by death.

And you have betrayed that which she holds dear…

Found it!

And with a quick lunge of her sword his chest was pierced

Adding pressure her sword slowly passed thru the ribcage

with tears in her eyes made contact with his heart

Then out threw his back

She slowly twisted her sword upward

Making the slit a complete circle

And as the blood drained out of his heart

Her face reflected that which she felt-

A smile of satisfaction

with tears of joy.

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