Comedy and its subcategories — satire, irony, deprecation, and observational — is rooted in intelligence. Men who claim women can’t be comedians are simply too threatened at the prospect of viewing women as their superiors. They take any opportunity to tear down a female comedian’s self-esteem in order to bring her to an equal or lesser standing than themselves, and to ensure the patriarchy stays firmly in place.

18 Ways to Ignore Your Own Privilege

Hey, is sexism that thing where you ignore all evidence to the contrary and take up an absurd and laughable position that women possess some sort of ridiculous-imaginary female privilege in Western society, all in what is clearly a sad and pathetic disguised effort to air personal grievances against a handful of women in my life who I’ve felt wronged me? Man, I hate when people do that.

Tom Haverford Appreciation

I love Tom Haverford, the nasally-voiced government employee on “Parks and Recreation” whose R&B-esque musical outbursts and slang-laden vocabulary are constant sources of jokes and my adoration. But this is a blog about gender stereotypes in the media, so let’s momentarily forget about the comedic stylings of Aziz Ansari, and instead analyze his character sociologically.…