the lies you lead

Image Description: A blonde girl in a red dress stands in front of a dark gate in the middle of a spooky forest at night.

Design by Leeann Remiker.

If I were to fall, would you catch me?
You weave a tale of beautiful lies,
behind those enchanting,
light brown eyes,
that tell an ideal story.
You beckon me forward
unknowingly into a sunless forest.
Surrounded by fog and lifeless trees
you guide me in deeper,
saying I’ll be free.

A sinister grin,
that I failed to see before.
Weren’t you going to lead me to paradise?
I’m anxious–
I don’t like the fear that comes
when I look at you,
in the hollows of this forest.
I want to scream and cry.
Would you hear it?
Would you silence it?
Covering my tears,
with seemingly strong hands,
all to force me on the path.

I walk,

and walk,

and walk.

On a never-ending journey.
The branches scratch my face,
dirt fills my once-white slippers,
as I start to drag my feet.
What else am I supposed to do?
You lead me further,
into the depths of misery.
I want to fight,
but can I?
I search into those eyes:
they smile back at me.
False promises and realized truths
lingering in the stale air
of this dead forest.

Am I going to die?

We stop in front of the black gates,
a fire on the other side.
They turn to unlock the new path,
and I run away,
faced with the truth laid bare.
I’m going to make it!
I will make it–
as I run almost madly through the forest.
No path in sight,
just the same trees and fog from before.



Get away as fast as you can,
because you know their eyes will trap you,
if not their eyes will trap you.

I’m finally at the edge,
I’ll be free.
I turn back to look,

And I am in the same place as before.

Right in front of those gates again.
But this time unlocked,
their eyes beckon me.
This is it.

I enter,
Through the gates of Hell.
All because I followed,
and fell to,
A beautiful tale of brutal lies.

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