Why “Bound 2” Made Me Lose Faith in Humanity

Perhaps no man in contemporary media enjoys obnoxiously stealing the spotlight as much as Kanye West. I mean, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at West’s most recent stunt, with a rap sheet that consists of blurting out “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” during a news report on Hurricane Katrina, “Imma let you finish”-ing Taylor Swift and claiming his “baby mama” (as he so fondly refers to Kim) was more “influential” than Michelle Obama.

Re-watching clips of each of these events, my attention (unfortunately) is all on Kanye, his angry tone and grandiose verbosity scream masculine insecurity and a super ego that would be Freud’s wet dream.

When I first heard about Kanye’s “Bound 2” on my way to work last week, the radio hosts were saying how sweet Kanye was to choose his own fiancée to star in the video.

Oh Kim Kardashian is actually in this? Sorry– her face isn’t shown until one minute into the music video, with only her naked silhouette resting on West’s bike for the entire opening sequence. When Kim IS shown she doesn’t say a word, blinking like a deer in headlights, eyes open wide. Grasping on to West for dear life, she is dependent on him; she has no control over where they are going and is in the penultimate state of female submission and objectification, naked and powerless.

Between caressing West and showering him with kisses, Kim seductively touches her bleached-blonde hair FOURTEEN different times throughout the video. West “rides” her, she bounces up and down on the bike, the camera purposefully showing a part of the shot, which could literally be frames from a pornography reel.

In order to recap the rest of the travesty that is “Bound 2,” I’d like to briefly discuss some of its most touching lyrics.

I could easily write a short novella about the blatant ignorance and sexism that is apparent even within the first few lines of the song but with every ounce of self-control I have, I will refrain.

 “They ordered champagne but still look thirsty”

As West begins his song criticizing a girl for being out on the club on a Thursday (a club he is obviously at to ask the girl “what you doing?”) West makes, what I’m sure he thought was a clever pun, on the girl being “thirsty.”

“Thirsty”, as defined by urban dictionary is “DESPERATE. wanting or needing.”

With the tasteful example of- “You’re thirsty for some pussy ain’t you?” or “GET YO THIRSTY ASS!”

The image of a smile playing upon West’s lips while he composed this “pun” is enough to send me over the edge.

West goes on to detail how badass he is with his “always-mad reputation…Start a fight Club, Brad reputation”. Then we reach my favorite line of the song, with elegant language and a profound message that will reach the hearts of America’s youth.

“One good girl is worth a thousand bitches”

Gotta hope North West isn’t included in those 1000 “worthless” girls, huh Kayne?

The next line continues the romantic current of the song

“I wanna fuck you hard on the sink, After that, give you something to drink”.

I’m good I’ll take some water to-go while I’m avoiding being within a twelve-mile-radius of such a pretentious pig.

The third block of Kanye’s poetry has a great quatrain,

“She asked me what I wished for on my wishlist

Have you ever asked your bitch for other bitches?

Maybe we could make it to the church steps

But first, you gon’ remember how to forget”

I mean honestly, I can’t think of anything more romantic to say to your newly-engaged wife who you so lovingly chose to star in this video.

While the rest of the song continues to make me sick, I would like to note that this article is from the girl whose favorite song was West’s “It All Falls Down” and used to prance around in her underwear to “Gold Digger”.

Now I’m writing as a much more aware woman, and one who is afraid of the generation behind mine. I am afraid of that young impressionable girl I once was dancing in the mirror to what could have easily have been “Bound 2.” I am afraid of that young boy who I would have had a crush on in school idolizing and fetishizing the bouncing, perfectly groomed Kim on his bike while I was at home trying to control my acne and learning how to shave my legs.

I feel immensely for the generation behind us, for West’s daughter, and for whatever children I bring into this twisted, confusing world.

To restore a little faith in humanity, check out “Bound 3”–James Franco and Seth Rogen’s spoof on the aforementioned masterpiece. 

“Bound 3”



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