Why Does Anyone Care About Kylie Jenner’s Lips?


Obviously, the biggest question on everyone’s mind is, has she or hasn’t she?

The debates whether or not Kylie Jenner has gotten cosmetic surgery have gone on and on; there have been before and after comparisons, experts have analyzed her face, and yet we have still unanswered what now seems like a questions for the ages.

But the real question here is: why does anyone care? A young girl’s face slightly alters and it becomes front page news; it’s everywhere online and on social media. This girl’s face affects no one, yet everyone is dying to know what happened, how, when, and why.

People feel entitled to know because they think they have ownership over a woman’s body. They have a “right to know” and how dare their pervasive curiosities be ignored. In this society, a woman is not autonomous over her own being. What she does is not just her business–everyone feels entitled to know, have an opinion, and dictate what she should and shouldn’t do.

Women can enlarge, trim, or slim any part of their body and they don’t owe any sort of explanation to anyone. So let’s do all women a favor, and put the Kylie Jenner lip investigation to rest.

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