The Value of Facts and Reality in a World That Doesn’t Seem to Care About Them

The “post-fact” world that we are hurdling towards does not have to become a reality as long as we constantly expose ourselves to a variety of news sources by not only avoiding unreliable news channels, but also by entertaining different points of view from valid sources across the political spectrum. It is only through understanding “the other side” that we can begin to understand what caused such a divide in the first place, and then take measures to address it.

U.S. Ambassador To The UN Nikki Haley Is Not Afraid To Disagree With President Trump

Even now as a member of his cabinet she has broken ranks with Trump on many foreign policy issues. For one, she supports maintaining the Iran deal of which Trump has suggested the U.S. pullout. Haley also said she is “considering” additional sanctions against Russia; at her confirmation hearing she openly stated Russia is guilty of war crimes in Syria and Crimea, but maintains that the U.S. still needs the Russia’s support in fighting ISIS.

Clocks Don’t Stop – Except When They Turn Back: President Trump’s First Days In Office Prove He Is Truly Dangerous

President Trump’s third executive order of the day blocked federal funds from going to health clinics across the world that provide safe abortions. The reinstatement of the Mexico City Policy not only directly endangers the health of pregnant individuals, it also threatens to prevent groups providing healthcare – including contraception, family planning, and HIV and abortion services – to millions of women, particularly the most vulnerable populations.