Event Review: The Latino Comics Expo

On November 11th to 12th, the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) hosted LCX – the nation’s first comic book convention dedicated to showcasing the vibrant and diverse works of comic creators, illustrators, and others involved in the literary and visual arts that exhibit and celebrate the influence of Latinx culture. From “Mini Comics” workshops to “Queer Comics Taking Over The World” and “Latina Power!” panel presentations, the founders and exhibitors of LCX made it clear that the purpose of the Expo is to create a space to cultivate creativity, educate, learn, and share the richness of the multitude of Latinx cultures.

Daughters of the Dust: A Gorgeous Ode to Black Women

Released in 1992, Daughters of the Dust was the first film directed by a black woman to have a wide theatrical release. The Theatre at Ace Hotel celebrated the film’s 25th year anniversary by hosting a screening for over a thousand viewers. The screening was followed by an interview between Dash and Ava DuVernay, director of 13th and Selma, and the first black woman to direct an Oscar-nominated film.