Feminist Theorist Thursdays: Gloria Anzaldúa

Throughout her lifetime of writing, Anzaldúa consistently contributed to theories countering social oppression, spanning topics that encompassed her intersectional identities. She let her spirituality and emotions weave through her prose and poetry in meaningful and enlightening ways. Her work is a strong and captivating addition to postcolonial and intersectional feminism, proving that theories and social critique can be amplified by passion and rage.

Feminist Theorist Thursdays: Kimberlé Crenshaw

Crenshaw’s great theoretical contribution, that of intersectionality, is a call to action at every moment. In light of the Trump regime’s past few weeks in office, we must once again revisit intersectionality to make sure our political activism does not replicate harm against marginalized peoples but rather positions the most vulnerable at the forefront of our fighting and protest.