Trump Administration Continues to Provide Aid to Saudi Arabia in the Yemen Civil War, Ignoring Humanitarian Crisis

The United States government is remaining complicit in fuelling the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Both Congress and President Donald Trump took action to avoid pulling aid to Saudi Arabia amidst rising concerns of their role in the horrific civil war. The current United States foreign policy is much more contingent on the president’s business ties to Saudi Arabian royalty than in working to stop a massive humanitarian crisis.

Climate Change and Women: How Global Temperature Rise Will Affect Women Laborers in the Global South

Even though the Global South has almost no responsibility in the current situation, IPCC report released in October shows that the predicted climate change would affect the Global South the most. The worsening of conditions in the Global South is especially dangerous for women in the region as their livelihoods are mostly dependent on the crops and other natural resources that are threatened by the climate change.

Fear of the Migrant Caravan Helps to Bolster Public Approval of Anti-Immigration Policies

The violent criminalization of migrants and those seeking asylum in the United States is a trend that portrays Central American migrants as criminals, rapists and gang members. These are notions that have become central to the policies and the tactics that are often employed or utilized to attempt to gain public support for certain anti-immigration policies.

Teenage Pregnancy on the Rise: How Venezuela’s Economic Crisis Has Led to Inadequate Reproductive Health

Venezuela’s supermarkets aren’t the only ones displaying empty shelves due to dwindling supplies. The country’s economic and political crisis is marked by another shortage -birth control and contraceptives- leading to many unplanned teen pregnancies and leaving many Venezuelans with little to no options or control of their sex lives.