Donate to Alpha Gamma Alpha’s Undergarment Drive

Alpha Gamma Alpha (AGA) is UCLA’s Armenian-interest sorority dedicated to scholarship, sisterhood, and philanthropy.“AGA is committed to identifying the lack of resources for women in our communities and taking substantive actions to correct those disparities,” sorority sister Elda Boulgourjian said.

AGA’s philanthropy is wide-reaching, focusing on women’s, children’s, and cultural interests.

They’ve participated in Dance Marathon and Autism Walk, put on Project Secret Santa in which they organize a toy drive and deliver the toys to low income children in Title I schools, and put on an annual rock concert on April 24th (the day dedicated to the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide) called “Silence the Lies, Rock the Truth.”

This year is AGA’s first time hosting an undergarment drive to donate to rape exam clinics.

 “In women’s clinics that facilitate the exams, there has been a continuously demonstrated need for clothing and supplies. Women who are put through the exam are asked to submit their clothing and undergarments as evidence to the authorities after their assault. Having already been distressed by their situation, these women have the added stress of not having any clothing to go home with,” AGA president Nicky Kravchenko said.

Sexual assault is still a pertinent issue in the UC community.

“This past weekend a 19-year-old student was beaten and gang raped at UCSB. We hear about cases here and there and so many women go day by day with the weight of what they’ve been through. The least we can do is make them feel as safe and accommodated for in the context of a very difficult situation,” AGA Treasurer Luiza Kirakosian said.

AGA is collecting new undergarments (bras and panties) in its original packaging or with tags still on them. AGA chapters at other schools are also hosting similar drives.

If you would like to donate any undergarments, email [email protected] to arrange a location and pick-up time for your donations. If you prefer to make monetary donations, you may send a check to:

886 Hilgard. Apt #214
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Half the donated monetary funds are going toward buying supplies to donate to the rape exam clinics. The other half will be donated to Peace over Violence, an organization established in 1971 by feminist activists.

It is a “sexual and domestic violence, stalking, child abuse, and youth violence prevention center headquartered in Los Angeles and dedicated to building healthy relationships, families, and communities free from sexual, domestic, and interpersonal violence.”

To stay up to date on all of AGA’s latest events and philanthropy projects, like their Facebook page and friend them on Facebook!

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