TEDxUCLA: Gravity

TEDxUCLA facilitates a space of diverse knowledge production where speakers, coordinators, and audience members are able to come together and collaborate in the interest of promoting a positive learning environment, and spreading the love of learning that so many of us have lost.

Event Review: Allies in Arts Intersectional Feminism Panel

Conversations about representation in media have been critical in America’s changing political and cultural landscape, particularly with the rampant cultural appropriation, white-washing, and transphobia in Hollywood. Recently, Nolwen Cifuentes, Silas Howard, and Tani Ikeda addressed identity and media in an intersectional feminist panel hosted by Allies in Arts to reflect on rising activism under the new US president.


Diversity Requirement: A Progressive Step in the Right Direction or a Useless Formality?

The faculty of UCLA College of Letters and Science narrowly approved the diversity requirement proposal with a vote of 332 to 303 on Friday, October 31. While many believe that the diversity requirement is a progressive and necessary action to take, others doubt its efficacy. Members of the FEM staff weighed in on the this issue and what it really means for the UCLA campus.