Feminism 101: What Is A SWERF?

The argument behind SWERF ideology tends to be that sex workers become the victims of sexual objectification, exploitation, and violence; and that, by participating in this kind of industry, sex workers become co-perpetrators of these crimes. While most feminist schools support an individual’s right to choose what sexual activities they do or do not engage in, SWERFs take it upon themselves to tell other people what and what not to do with their bodies.

Feminism 101: What is TERF?

The reality is, gender exists on a spectrum — not a binary. So people who identify as one extreme of the spectrum, even if it does not match up with one’s biological sex, are equally valid, and those who identify as a woman should not feel like any less even if they were not born biologically female; what matters is how they feel and identify within.

Feminism 101: What is the Commodification of Femininity?

The very act of buying household products or a princess crown is not liberating; it normalizes a female social role centered on appearance and status rather than intellectual growth and financial success. The commodification of femininity reveals how various marketing practices and strategies shape consumer patterns, gender identities, and social roles that continue to perpetuate gender inequality.