When Television Stops Mothering its Mothers

Television has historically shown motherhood as a wholesome, gratifying part of women-over-30’s lives. In the media, abortions are usually a plot point for the characters to get talked out of, and the duress of being a mother is often fully outweighed by the joy of having children. While these are undoubtedly relatable narratives for a great number, it is essential to offer alternatives representation of the experience of motherhood.

How ‘The Mindy Project’ Fell From Grace

When Mindy Kaling’s “The Mindy Project” debuted in 2012, it was a revelation for thousands of South Asian-American women like myself who were excited about the opportunities for representation that the show would afford us. Unfortunately, after the conclusion of its fifth season this March, it’s become clear that “The Mindy Project” has hit a (very repetitive) wall that it may not bounce back from.

Tunesday: Feminist 90s Jams

Even though some feminist ideology has gone mainstream it is important to remember the counterculture history. The bands may have broken up, the musicians faded into obscurity, but the message of their music remains and proves that feminism wasn’t just another musical trend, but an outlet for female artists, and an inspiration for future women.