FEM FINDS: Media Must-Haves curated by FEM Members ~ January 2021

FEM FINDS, FEM’s story series via FEM’s Instagram, gives a glimpse into the media FEM Members are consuming and loving lately. In a highly digitized world, it’s easy to get lost in choices. FEM has the solution for you:

The following article contains images with quote transcriptions and image descriptions for FEM FINDS story series content posted during the month of January. All quotes are anonymous.

Stay tuned for monthly updates on our compilation of FEM FINDS. 

Cover Image: Applies to all story posts unless otherwise indicated

Image description: Image is a 9:16 ratio rectangular story graphic. The background is light pink. All text is dark orange. A double-lined dark orange border surrounds the central text. Below the subtext is a faint orange line design. In the bottom corner of the graphic is an orange arrow pointing to the right.

Text description: Central text states, “FEM FINDS.” Subheading text states, “What are FEM Members loving lately?” 

Recommendations graphic image description: The structure/format of all graphics indicating recommendations and quotes is the same. Image description applied here to format is indicative of all image descriptions for recommendation graphics unless otherwise specified:

The graphic is a 9:16 ratio rectangular graphic. The background is light pink. The graphic contains two pictures and borders per picture accompanied by relevant quotes. Quote text is burnt orange. The border behind the pictures is a black border meant to represent the look of a film camera. Pictures are set at the top and bottom of the graphics.

Saturday, January 16th 2021

Image description: 

Image is in the typical format of recommendations graphic image (see above). Images showcased for each recommendation include ‘Bobo & Flex’ podcast cover photo: white text with red outline states title overhead image of Bobo and Flex surrounded by yellow star graphics. Background is peach. Middle image includes cover photo of ‘The Purpose of Power.’ Cover showcases a photo of a black woman standing with her back turned, raising her arms in the middle of the street. The photo is black and white. Bottom image includes the cover of “Your Queen is a Reptile’ by Sons of Kermit. The cover showcases a black sketch drawing of various figures over an orange background.

Text description: 

Quote in recommendation of ‘Bobo & Flex’ podcast: “‘Bobo & Flex’ is a really funny and epic conversation podcast hosted by two women of color who offer really insightful and sometimes conflicting perspectives on culture, mental health, etc! I feel like it’s the podcast of this genre that has resonated with me the most”

Quote in recommendation of ‘The Purpose of Power:’ “A book I’m reading right now is ‘The Purpose of Power,’ written by Alicia Garza, the co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter; it’s not the story of BLM, but Garza’s journey as an organizer and the lessons she’s learned—and unlearned— in her two decades of organizing, as well as her goal to make more room in the current movement for people who are becoming more aware of racial injustice. It’s an inspiring and insightful read!”

Quote in recommendation of the album ‘Your Queen is a Reptile:’ “Sons of Kemet has the album ‘Your Queen is a Reptile’ with songs named after various Black women who have had a large impact on history. I really admired this album because I think it’s really important, especially now, to acknowledge and appreciate the work of Black women in dismantling oppressive structures. My favorite song on the album is My Queen is Albertina Sisulu (an anti-apartheid activist).”

Saturday, January 30th 2021

Left image description: 

Image is in the typical format of recommendations graphic image (see above). Images showcased for each recommendation include the podcast cover for ‘Rest as Reparations’: white text states podcast title and light blue text states podcast information overlaid with an image of Tricia Hersey. Image includes blue layer. Bottom image showcased includes the cover for the HBO Show called Industry. Five cast members are looking in different directions featuring actors (left to right) David Jonsson, Harry Lawtey, Myha’la Herrold, Nahbaan Rizwan, and Yasmin Kara-Hanani. Bottom center, states show title in yellow text and bottom left, states broadcaster in white text. 

Left text description: 

Quote in recommendation of ‘Rest as Reparations’ “‘The podcast ‘Rest as Reparations’ with Tricia Hersey beautifully explains not only why rest is necessary for our survival but also for liberation. Fuck capitalism and grind culture it’s literally killing us.”

Quote in recommendation of ‘Industry:’ “I started watching ‘Industry’ on HBO–It takes place in Britain but talks about different dynamics like being a Black woman in a white environment, the pressure of capitalism causing suicide, women-led environments and values, and sexual assault”

Right image description: 

Image is in the typical format of recommendations graphic image (see above). Images showcased for each recommendation include the movie cover for ‘Blood Quantum:’ image of a figure adorned with several knives in their pants and a concealing face mask, wielding a bloody axe. Colors are red/orange. Bottom image includes cover for the doc ‘Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street:’ image depicts a sketched-style torso and upper thigh region with the hand of the person dawning a glove with spikes for fingers covering their groin area. The person wears a cream button up with black plus signs and turquoise blue jeans. Four diagonal lines in neon pink strike the background of the image. 

Right text description:

Quote in recommendation of ‘Blood Quantum:’ “‘Blood Quantum,’ is a dystopian zombie movie by Native writer Mi’kmaq and director Jeff Barnaby. The movie explores the postcolonial Native experience, tragic irony and generational trauma.” 

Quote in recommendation of ‘Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street:’ “I recently watched ‘Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street,’ a documentary about the experience of actor Mark Patton, who was closeted when the movie came out at the start of the AIDS crisis. The doc explores the initial poor reception of the film and how its recently been reclaimed, and the link between horror and queer film theory!” 

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