Our Names in Your Mouth

I don’t have to rhyme or fit to the time
Of the beat of your feet
When you enter the room
Standup and say
And kick me
[[The invisible
Us.]] To the curb

Because tomorrow is our next fuck,
You fraction off our respect
To our possession or lack there of
Of our sex

The sex that you define
The sex that makes us sluts
And whores with cunts
The sex that is our body
But not our own
Our anatomy confounded
Strone across the floor
To be pieced together

By your hands
You call us sluts
Who “beg for more”

Because we’re dirty
Unwanted, never
Only desired
While there is no delight.
In putting
[[ And trying to make noises
And tense bones ]] Up a fight

If we stand for
Our freedom
We are back to the curb
Of what we “deserve”
And what we came here searching for…

And you’re onto the next “bitch”
Or so you tell your friends
And you don’t know our name
Because you’re blessed
By divine right
The strangulation of tongues
Somewhere in the night

We know our names in your mouth
Would only make you choke
Coughing up the blood and the guts
That you tell us to swallow
When we’re all chewed up
By the teeth that you use
To sweeten the room
With laughter, with lighting
With our sex

Remembered. By the
Glue of your saliva
If you could ruminate on our names
You would not want to touch us

You’d want nothing to do with the stories we tell
How we got here, in your room,
Why the fucks that we give,
Are the fucks that we don’t give anymore.
Last resorts, experimentation
But never the dirty whore,
Who asks for more
At the touch of hot blood
And the bruise of your mouth
Because our names burn within us
Too often. Too soon.

Extinguished so frequently
Nameless, formless,
Sliding past
The multitude.

We are equal?
We are art?
We are all beautiful?
The whispers
Like the breeze of crushed delusion
Sweeping into the brain
Of sleeping pills
And magic wands

While you stare
Pick up the pen
And write down our names
Without curvature or mark

And tell me
Is this the equality that you want?

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