Where is Your Money Going?

College is expensive these days. Besides basic costs like housing, tuition, food, and books, additional fees are tacked on to student’s BruinBills to pay for a variety of initiatives on campus – from sustainability efforts to student concerts. Whether you believe these fees are part of the cost of living in a community or an unfair burden on the ever-increasing cost of education, it’s important to know where your money is going.

Who is Beyoncé?: Life is but a Dream Rejects Our Need for Answers

Also, as much as I love you B, the sentiment was slightly flawed. Of course we need to change our perceptions of ourselves, but aren’t equal rights just as important? Realistically, we live in a society where the political is still very personal, and it is important to change ideas that socially and socioeconomically marginalize people on a scale much larger than the personal level.