Poetry From Another Land: 7 Poems Written by Women From the Countries Affected By Trump’s Travel Ban

Poetry as a medium allows the poet to transform their realities into something universal; something raw and unfiltered that is accessible to all of us. Listed below are seven poems written by women from each of the countries affected by Trump’s ban. Each poem lays bare the bodies and souls of the women behind them, offering a glimpse into a feeling or experience most of us will never have. These haunting poems provide us with what we need during this dark moment in America—the opportunity to empathize.

Event Review: Allies in Arts Intersectional Feminism Panel

Conversations about representation in media have been critical in America’s changing political and cultural landscape, particularly with the rampant cultural appropriation, white-washing, and transphobia in Hollywood. Recently, Nolwen Cifuentes, Silas Howard, and Tani Ikeda addressed identity and media in an intersectional feminist panel hosted by Allies in Arts to reflect on rising activism under the new US president.

Event Review: “Do I Look Like a Lady?”

Mickalene Thomas’s exhibit “Do I Look a Lady?” investigates the notion of black female subjectivity through the lens of popular media. Within the popular American imagination, black women are often portrayed as fitting within a set of types—hyper-fiery, hyper-sexual, or hyper-matronly. These archetypes are largely a product of the art produced within our hegemonic culture.