How to be Pro-Veteran

This Veteran’s Day, we should remember that in opposing the American military-industrial complex, we must remain pro-veteran. There are many instances in which it is not possible to separate an individual from an institution. However, to conflate an individual veteran with the institutional, historical violence that the U.S. has committed would be irresponsible, especially when considering that some personnel have greater choice than others about enlisting

Feminist Theorist Thursdays: Gloria Anzaldúa

Throughout her lifetime of writing, Anzaldúa consistently contributed to theories countering social oppression, spanning topics that encompassed her intersectional identities. She let her spirituality and emotions weave through her prose and poetry in meaningful and enlightening ways. Her work is a strong and captivating addition to postcolonial and intersectional feminism, proving that theories and social critique can be amplified by passion and rage.

Feminism 101: What Is A SWERF?

The argument behind SWERF ideology tends to be that sex workers become the victims of sexual objectification, exploitation, and violence; and that, by participating in this kind of industry, sex workers become co-perpetrators of these crimes. While most feminist schools support an individual’s right to choose what sexual activities they do or do not engage in, SWERFs take it upon themselves to tell other people what and what not to do with their bodies.