Think Piece

Design by Emma Lehman

I should really book a therapy appointment. 

I can’t keep waking up in the middle of the night, I’m exhausted. 

But is talking about it really going to help? 

Fuck man.

I should get another tattoo. 

Not because I need therapy.

This is an entirely new train of thought. 


Okay, but what do I want?


It’s February 20.  

Too close to March and I need to pay rent.

….but maybe I could swing it if I got a small one, right? I really wish I did my own tattoos. 

But I guess that would be the equivalent of cutting my own bangs and that screams 


and I definitely do not need therapy. 

Maybe I want some plants. 

Does that match with my theme? 

Theme? Who the fuck has a theme to their tattoos? 

No, wait‒ 

maybe I’m valid. 

People have certain styles they like, that’s basically a theme. 

Is there such a thing as too many plants? I already have the flowers on my waist and the flowers on my arm….where do I wanna put it? Is it plants now, is that what I’m doin—

A text! Ooohhh.


I forgot I made those plans. 

Why did I make those plans? 

They’re going to hate me if I cancel. 

Fuck. Okay it’s fine, just be honest and let them know you’re just having a rough day and you’re feeling a little introverted and if they’re a good friend, they’ll understand.

Or…..they’ll ask me if I wanna talk about it. 


I’ll text them back later, it’s fine.

Okay, back to what I was doing: tattoos. 

Maybe if I figure out where I want it, I can try to think of something that looks good there. I think I want another piece on my arm. 

Am I really typing ‘plant tattoos’ into Pinterest right now? I hate myself. 

Okay, that wasn’t helpful. Maybe Tumblr? 

Actually, let me just scroll through my camera roll and see if I have any photos of plants that I like. 

Holy shit it’s been an hour fuck how did that happen! 

Okay, It’s fine. 

I’m fine. Things are fine. 

I have to actually start doing work now. It’s fine. Let’s go through the To-Do list. Knock out the easy stuff first. 

  • Laundry
  • Assignment for 108 
  • Send email to lab 
  • Book therapy appointment 


Okay, five more minutes of looking at tattoo designs and then I’ll start.

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