Let Your Feminist Flag Fly: 2012 Apocalypse Style

I hate New Year’s resolutions. No one ever keeps them and usually they’re as nondescript as exercising “more.” This year I’m making an exception because, as far as I’m concerned, the world is ending in 2012 and my first and last New Year’s resolution is to live as though this is my last year on Earth. This sounds really bleak and dramatic, but what’s the harm in acting like this is your last year on the planet every single year? I didn’t do it last year and if the world ended now I would be insanely unsatisfied in my performance as a human and as a feminist the past twelve months. It’s not that I’m ashamed because of something terrible I did but it’s more about what I didn’t do.

The point of this post is not to complain about everything I could have done and was too lazy to do because I watch too much TV (I definitely do) but, rather, to focus on how good 2012 will be because, after all, it’s our last shot. This year is for me about feminism. I consider myself to have always been a feminist even back when I couldn’t define it, but the true challenge is acting it. Sure, I feel outraged by various feminist issues like reproductive rights and gender equality but I have done hardly anything toward working to alleviate this inequality. I talk about it constantly, but, that’s just it, talking is only part of the solution.

I consider being apart of Fem as a necessary first step in my evolution as a feminist, but up until this point I have kept many ideas and feelings to myself when I should have at least attempted to include others who are like-minded. I wasn’t even sure such people existed beyond my immediate friend group until now, but rest assured, people like you and I exist! Speaking up is not always easy especially when discussing touchy issues that polarize people, but a coalition through feminism is always possible while these issues are still present. I myself am determined to get my band Hot Pants off the ground and start spewing pro-feminist lyrics all over LA. I don’t exactly play an instrument but that’s neither here nor there.

Whether you join a band or volunteer a couple hours a week at Planned Parenthood, I am calling on you to let your feminist flag fly free in 2012 and to not just talk about what pisses you off but also to join the groups that already exist in your area. Chances are you will meet people like you who are mad about the same things you are. In Los Angeles alone there are countless groups meeting to discuss feminism and they welcome people of all sexes to join whether it is a feminist book club or a group focused on embracing a woman’s sensual power.

The internet scares me more than anything but I also recognize its power. Click here if you live in the Los Angeles area and get involved in your feminist community. Be right back, signing up for Sacred Femininity.

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