the blue room

Image description: A figure in a room in shades of blue and purple.

sometimes i wander into the blue room
heavy on my mattress
and watch slits of shadows walk on walls

i melt deeper into the blue room
my heaviness seeps
filling the space
until my surroundings become a pool pressing in on me
how comforting

it is noiseless in the blue room
its lazy stillness a caress
placating any motion, any sound within me
its silence summons me to stay
just a little longer …

what are the consequences of too much time lost here?
does the blue room dream of
draining my breath?
diffusing my strength?
enveloping me so i become another one of its blue things too?

it wouldn’t
the blue room likes me
i like it too

the blue room is safe
it cherishes my smallness, my silence
it fulfills my wishes to be unknown to the world
with one exception

who am i if unknown to you?

so i usher you into my blue room
and wonder if someday you will show me yours
you sit on the edge of the bed
polite but bewildered
gentle as you are

i know of your blue room
and i hate it
even though i love and hate mine
i wish you’d never enter your blue room
i venture into mine because i tend to leave in time
But you stay here
though i may go
stay here
as i give myself to all that is blue

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