Is YouTube Star a Revolutionized Feminist?

After refreshing my Facebook page nearly fifty times, I couldn’t help but notice the recurring YouTube video in my news feed. Jenna Mourey, more commonly know as Jenna Marbles, has over 1,500,000 subscribed followers and after checking out what all the hype was about, I couldn’t help but become a subscribed follower too. Jenna Marbles is undoubtedly becoming a YouTube phenomenon and quite possibly a revolutionized feminist.

Jenna posts a new video on YouTube every Wednesday. She covers an array of topics; some that might strike your fancy, and some that might not. Nevertheless, there is a common theme presented in every video that I believe many feminists can appreciate — female truth and stereotypes. With a humorous approach, Jenna talks about what women really think and makes fun of the stereotypical molds in which women are “supposed” to fit.

Check out my favorite video, “How To Get Ready For A Date”:

While I think this video might be a little dramatic, I also think that it has some truth to it:

Worries that should not be worries

Jenna brings to the surface a lot of thoughts that I think go through all of our minds when we are all getting ready for a date. At least I know they go through mine.

What should I wear? Is this outfit sexy enough? Should I send him a text, what should I say? I really want to wear flats, but heels are way more attractive. The questions and worries we have are endless, but why?

Women are sexual objects

To be honest, I like to feel sexy. I enjoy putting on my heels and a fitted dress to go out on a date. But what I don’t enjoy is the expectation that this is something I should do. Women stress out over what to wear because there is an unspoken standard of “sexy” that we have to live up to.  Satirically, Jenna emphasizes that women need to look like something that their date wants to take home —this isn’t fair. Bottom line, if we do dress sexy and we  take the extra time to get dressed, it should be because we wanted to, not because we thought it was something we had to do. Feeling beautiful should be for our own personal satisfaction, not someone else’s.

She’s just a pretty face

This point kind of goes hand in hand with the point above, but the idea that women do not need to sound educated insults me. Like many of you, I work hard in school and I take pride in the fact that I can successfully hold an intellectual conversation. It’s disappointing to think that some men would find this trait so intimidating that they would rather assume I’m not funny, smart, or interesting. I desire a man who is educated and engaging to be around and I would hope that a man would desire the same from me.

What makes Jenna Marbles a feminist in my eyes?

She’s fearless, outspoken and not afraid to talk about topics that others might find sensitive. At times her videos are crude and her choice in vocabulary is poor. Nevertheless, she is proud of who she is. Jenna exercises her witty personality and reveals common thoughts that often go unsaid. Jenna Marbles exemplifies a woman with confidence, and her ability to expose female stereotypes through humorous YouTube videos place her on a path to becoming a revolutionized feminist.

What do you think?

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  1. I love Jenna Mourey. She’s a funny lady.
    Also: did anyone know that she’s a go-go dancer on weekends? For some reason I find that fact fascinating.

  2. I doubt it’s something she does consciously, she seems like she’s simply being herself, which is what more people should be doing instead of putting a label and everyone and everything you do.

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