I CAN WE CAN: UCLA Day of Action

“With a big campus like UCLA, we’re like our own city. And in our own city, we need to be aware of what is happening in our community. To let victims know it was not their fault and to help empower them and make them feel supported. At the end of the day, if we could just affect one person, that is a key goal and an accomplishment, even if we can make one person think twice. Our goal is to spread awareness and provide an opening for a conversation.”

Listening to Landfair

Oh Landfair. The Avenue of Frats and apartments composed of entire sports teams. It is expected to be loud, rowdy, wild, crazy, drunk, and filled with debauchery, but do people really expect its inhabitants to be ostentatiously sexist and homophobic? From much observed experience, being wild and drunk does not somehow equate to spewing prejudice and hatred. So what accounts for this dangerous and disgusting environment? Alcohol does not create slut shaming or formulate homophobic slurs.

Feminist Organizations at UCLA

Looking to get more involved in the movement? Want to meet students who care about gender equality just as much as you? Here are four groups on campus that might interest you: Clothesline Project The Clothesline Project is a student-led group of allies and survivors of sexual violence who focus on raising awareness and campaigning…